The ARCEP launches a Public consultation from 3 April to 15 May 2013 on the perspectives and the modalities of regulation of the unbundling for the next market analysis round (from mid-2014 to mid-2017). The unbundling enables alternative operators to use the passive infrastructures of the copper local loop of France Télécom in order to provide their final customers with their services by installing their own equipment on the subscriber access nodes (SAN) of France Télécom. This wholesale offer of France Télécom is regulated by the ARCEP.

The coverage rate on the French population of the unbundled retail offers amounts to 86.3%, which is the highest rate in Europe. However, only 40% of the France Télécom's SAN have been unbundled. The extension of the unbundling to the whole French population will not occur before mid-2017, whereas where the unbundling is not reachable, the serviced offered to the final customers are often limited and usually exclude television.

The ARCEP, by this consultation, wishes to obtain the point of view of the private or public stakeholders on the future of the unbundling regulation, to harmonize the offer of unbundled services on the whole territory and thus to reduce the digital divide.