China's environment authority recently issued its most comprehensive and strictest plan to control and reduce air pollution over the next 5 years, setting stricter limits on the levels of PM 2.5 particles. The Airborne Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan (2013-17) will be the second publicly announced plan aimed at tackling air pollution in the past two years and will be backed by funding of 1,700 billion yuan (US$277 billion) from the central government. The new plan specifically targets Northern China, particularly Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province. The plan has set out various KPIs including a 25% reduction in PM 2.5 particles within 5 years, in these cities. Many locals in Beijing feel that more drastic action is needed given the number of new vehicles being put on to Beijing’s roads each day, as well as old technology not being replaced in the city’s busy factories.