In the spirit of Rube Goldberg (July 4, 1883-December 7, 1970, inventor, engineer, cartoonist), we present the following novel and useful invention.  The purpose of the invention is to deliver a patent application on a specified date.  Enjoy.

Law Firm Partner (A), bored, looking for something to do, and curious about the recent installation of the new invention, pulls handle (B), which is attached to rope (C).

Rope (C), passing over pulley (D) and through a hole in wall (E), tugs on lever (F), causing boot (G) to kick Patent Practitioner (H) in seat of pants.

 This wakes up Patent Practitioner (H), who then gets back to work and writes Patent Application (I).

Sight of Patent Practitioner (H) actually working startles rooster (J), which crows loudly.

 Sound of rooster (J) crowing loudly frightens hamsters (K), which run rapidly in hamster wheel (L).

Patent Practitioner (H) finishes writing Patent Application (I), and places Patent Application (I), in manila folder (M) secured by rubber band (N), on launching platform (O) of catapult (P).

Meanwhile, rooster (J) gets hungry and eats corn on tray (Q), so that pecking motion of rooster (J) triggers catapult (P), which launches Patent Application (I) through air to land in oversized funnel (R) and fall down to conveyor belt (S).

Hamster wheel (L) drives conveyor belt (S), which extends on both sides of wall (E).

Conveyor belt (S) moves Patent Application (I) forward along conveyor belt (S) and through large slot in wall (E).

Patent Application (I) falls off forward end of conveyor belt (S), and onto desk (T) of Law Firm Partner (A), who then reviews Patent Application (I).

Job done!