In brief

Following the unfavorable development of the epidemiologic situation, the Czech Ministry of Health decided today that the general obligation to cover one's mouth and nose indoors will be reintroduced in the Czech Republic on a national level.

Therefore, as of 10 September 2020, every individual must cover his/her mouth and nose (e.g. mask, respirator, scarf, shawl, or anything similar) in indoor premises. 

This general obligation extends to workplaces, with a few exceptions:

  • if an employee performs work at one place and maintains a distance of at least 2 meters from other persons when performing the work;
  • employees performing work in risk categories 3 or 4, if the principal risk factor is heat (e.g. employees in glassmaking or metallurgical industries);
  •  actors while performing (live or when recording). 

This is a general obligation on individuals. This means that an employer can, but is not obligated, to provide face masks or other such equipment to its employees.