The city of Arecibo, Puerto Rico, has agreed to spend $56 million to upgrade its wastewater treatment system as part of a settlement of alleged Clean Water Act violations. United States v. Municipality of Arecibo, No. 12-1419 (D.P.R. consent decree lodged 6/4/12). In addition to spending $56 million for improvements to its storm water management program and building a new pump station and three retention bases, the city will pay a civil penalty of $305,643 in three installments, the last of which is due April 15, 2014. The city will also repair, replace or construct new sewer storm pipes as necessary to eliminate interconnections with the sanitary sewer system. The settlement resolves alleged violations of the city’s small municipal separate storm sewer general permit. See U.S. Department of Justice Press Release, June 4, 2012.