Staff of the Canadian Securities Administrators in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Northwest Territories published a notice yesterday setting out their concerns regarding the use of advertising that may attempt to promote an issuer's securities. While the notice applies to all types of media, CSA staff's concerns focus on the television ads used primarily by junior issuers that focus on the positive aspects of an issuer's business or its prospects. In the case of listed issuers, the stock symbol is prominently featured in the ads, whereas contact information is typically provided for investor inquiries for unlisted issuers.

According to CSA staff, such ads may fail to comply with disclosure requirements under securities legislation or may be misleading to investors. According to staff, such ads do not appear to be aimed at selling products or services or raising public awareness of the issuer but, rather, appear to try to promote interest in an issuer's securities. The notice, therefore, reminds issuers of the restrictions on advertising and marketing activities during a distribution or in furtherance of a distribution, as well as the additional disclosure restrictions and requirements applicable to mining and oil and gas projects.

Staff will continue to monitor advertisements by issuers going forward, and suggest that regulatory action could be taken should it appear that an advertisement is misleading to investors or contrary to the public interest.

For more information, see CSA Staff Notice 51-336 Issuers using Mass Advertising.