Decree n°2013-269 dated 29 March 2013 on fighting late payments in public contracts was published in the O.J. dated 31 March 2013. In accordance with Law n°2013-100 dated 28 January 2013, it provides that the time-limit for payment for contracting authorities is 30 days from the reception date of the payment request (being specified that such time-limit is 50 and 60 days for public health establishments and public undertakings). It also fixes interest rates and the amount of compensation for recovery costs in case of late payment (40 euros). This decree shall apply to all contracts entered into after 16 March 2013 for debts whose time-limit for payment shall start after 1st May 2013. The Ministry for the Economy and Finance has specified the conditions of implementation of this Decree in the public local and hospital sector in a Circular dated 15 April 2013.