The IRS has issued a set of frequently asked questions and answers for taxpayers reporting international activities of exempt organizations on Form 990 Schedule F. There is a $10,000 revenue or expense threshold for filing Schedule F. Required to be reported are activities conducted outside the United States including grant making, fund raising, investments other than certain financial accounts, trades or businesses, program services, and maintaining offices, employees or agents. An expenditure includes an employment-related expense, an occupancy expense, a grant, a bank or financial account fee, or a payment to an agent, if the employee, office, grantee or agent is located outside the United States. Organizations might use different accounting procedures and practices to keep track of foreign expenses for financial statement purposes, so there may be a variation in how organizations account for or allocate direct or indirect costs related to their foreign activities. For the 2008 and 2009 tax years, an organization may use the method it used for its financial statements to report expenditures for Schedule F, Part 1, column (F). An organization might have no expenditures reportable in Part I, column (f), even though it is required to report an activity in Part I.