As previously reported2, the United Kingdom Listing Authority (‘UKLA’) will, as from 30 September 2012, only accept requests for guidance by telephone in cases of exceptional urgency or from a sponsor in connection with sponsor services. The UKLA has now announced that, as from 1 October 2012, there will be three separate telephone lines3:

  • Line 1: for general administrative queries and questions of a non-technical nature;
  • Line 2: for listing applications (to deal with questions such as the amount of listing fees and the documents to be submitted on a listing application); and
  • Line 3: an emergency helpline for urgent live market situations (including suspensions), as well as for urgent queries regarding the disclosure of inside information.

There will, in addition, be a separate telephone service for sponsor enquiries, accessible via the general administrative queries line.

Details are contained in the third edition of the FSA’s Primary Markets Bulletin issue no. 3 available at: