The Localism Bill gives us a little more guidance on the Community Right to Build scheme. We now know that this is to be made available across England, rather than just in rural areas. In the Housing Minister, Grant Shapps's words "it will be open to anyone with a drive and vision to build homes wherever they live in the country". Notably, the threshold for support in a local community referendum is also reduced, to a simple majority. The further reduction (you may recall that the required percentage started out at somewhere between 80-90 per cent and was then reduced to 75 per cent) is justified on the basis of the checks and balances which the Government intends to put in place to make sure that community-led projects do, indeed, fit into the local council's wider vision for the development of the relevant area. And, as the new year has turned, Grant Shapps has lent his weight to the National Self Build Association's action plan to make it easier for people to build their own homes, whether on their own or as part of a community led scheme.