The Comprehensive Plan is critical to land valuation and redevelopment potential. Fairfax County has recently rolled out a proposed new process related to the procedural mechanisms for proposing site specific amendments to the Comprehensive Plan. This process is a successor to the former Area Plan Review (APR) process and the more recent Fairfax Forward process. This proposed process is in response to a directive by the Board of Supervisors to re-evaluate the Fairfax Forward process. A summary of the new proposed process, as provided by Fairfax County, can be found at At first read, the proposed process retains features of both the APR and the Fairfax Forward processes, including the ability to directly nominate property for replanning consideration. That said, when compared to prior processes, there are meaningful differences in the vetting and evaluation processes that warrant further consideration and examination. The County has invited feedback from industry representatives and McGuireWoods will be actively participating in those discussions. Updates on the evolution of this process and the strategic and tactical implications will follow.