Latest news from the National Copyright Social Service Conference which held by National Copyright Administration (NCAC), China's copyright social service has made great improvement during the 12th "five-year plan" period, the ability to create, utilize, protect and manage copyright nationally has been improved significantly, and copyright registrations have enjoyed sustainable growth. As of now, China has received 689,700 copyright registrations in the last 10 months.

According to NCPC, in 2013, copyright registrations, including works registrations, software registrations, copyright pledge registrations, have reached one million milestone. After then, copyright registrations in China have grown steadily. During 2011 and 2014, 2.8301 million copyright registrations have been handled by NCPC, up 47.6% than the 11th "five-year plan" period. In the first 10 months, 689,700 copyright registrations have been filed, among which, 191,900 are software, 328 are copyright pledges. Up to now, copyright registrations have reached 882,000 in total, keeping fast growth trend.

The State Intellectual Property Office reportd that it is worth noting that after years of continuous hard work, national copyright service mechanism has been developed, copyright pilot projects have been set up, the copyright industry has developed integratedly. According to a research by Chinese Academy of Press and Publication, copyright industry is now contributing 6.87% of China's GDP.