Starting the new year off with new opportunities, the Ohio Department of Development (ODOD) recently announced some new information and made some changes to the Clean Ohio funding process. These changes are intended to streamline the application process and improve the opportunity for Ohio communities and other interested parties to revitalize and redevelop brownfield properties in the State.

Since the Clean Ohio Fund’s inception, the Clean Ohio Council and the ODOD have awarded 72 Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund and 117 Clean Ohio Assistance Fund grants providing more than $215 million to local governments to revitalize brownfields in communities throughout Ohio. In 2008, the Clean Ohio Fund also received an additional $400 million in available funding as part of Governor Ted Strickland’s $1.57 billion Job Stimulus Plan.

Key updates for Clean Ohio funding opportunities released by the ODOD for 2009 include:

  • Confirming that there will be two rounds of Clean Ohio Revitalization Funding (CORF) available in 2009
    • Round six applications must be submitted to the local public library to Green Strategies Client Bulletin No. 02-01 Green Strategies Client Bulletin begin the 45 day local public notice and community participation process by January 9, 2009. Round six grants will be awarded by the Clean Ohio Council in May.
    • Round seven applications will be due to the local public libraries by July 25, 2009 with award decisions expected to be made in November.
  • Reducing the review process for the Clean Ohio Assistance Fund (COAF) from 30 days to 10 days to allow communities and their development partners to more quickly access funds to complete eligible environmental assessment and clean up activities.
  • Streamlining the disbursement process to allow both CORF and COAF grantees to submit disbursement requests every 30 as opposed to every 60 days.
  • Requiring newly funded projects to notify the ODOD’s Urban Development Division when they are seeking competitive public bids for Clean Ohio funded activities. This new requirement is intended to assist small, women- and minorityowned businesses participate in grant funded projects as the bid information will be available through ODOD’s existing Small Business and Minority Business online services.
  • The creation of the new interagency Clean Ohio Fund website, which provides the public with easy access to Clean Ohio Fund programs and services.