Today, Resolution N° 523/2017 issued by the Secretary of Commerce introduced a number of changes to the current regulations applicable to Automatic (LA) and Non Automatic (LNA) Import Licenses.

The main points are:

  • To obtain a Non Automatic Importation License, importers must be previously registered with the Registro Único del Ministerio de Producción (R.U.M.P.). It is also required to fill in a request with the Sistema Integral de Monitoreo de Importaciones (SIMI) and provide all the information regarding the exporter, importer and shipment required in the AFIP’s on line system. Such information must be provided no longer than ten days after the oficializado status of the license.
  • For all the products subject to Non Automatic Importation Licenses, the Secretariat could require the importer to provide further information or documentation with respect to the operation. Said inquiries must be answered within ten business days after being duly notified. If not answered in time, the whole procedure would be automatically canceled.
  • In the import operations subject to Non Automatic Importation Licenses, the tolerance allowed will be: seven per cent –in more or less- when it comes to FOB value declared and seven per cent in more -and no cap in less- when it comes to the quantity declared.
  • These changes will apply only to those Licenses requested after the resolution’s issuance.
  • The public office in charge of the implementation of this new scheme is the Dirección Nacional de Facilitación del Comercio Exterior, a division of the Secretariat of Foreign Commerce (Secretariat of Commerce) of the Ministry of Production.