UK Visas & Immigration ("UKVI") has published a revised form of its Tier 4 sponsor guidance effective from 28 November 2014. 

As previously, the guidance comprises three separate documents:

  • “Document 1: Applying for or Renewing a Tier 4 Sponsor Licence and Highly Trusted Sponsor Status”;
  • “Document 2: Assigning CAS and Sponsoring Students”; and
  • “Document 3: Sponsor Duties and Compliance”.

Amendments have been made across the board, although not as extensively in scale and nature as some previous iterations.  The changes include:

  • Clarification as to how sponsor licences can be structured in terms of branches etc;
  • New powers for UKVI to suspend and revoke sponsor licences;
  • Additional provisions relating to ATAS Clearance Certificates; and
  • The imposition of a specific duty on sponsors to report any concerns about students working illegally or otherwise breaching the terms of their leave.