The Commission has concluded that the Finnish legislation establishing an exclusive right for the offering of gambling services complies with EU law and is applied in a consistent and systematic manner. In 2006, the Commission launched infringement proceedings against Finland. These proceedings concerned the cross border provision and marketing of sports betting services. The Commission considered that the Finnish law, at the time, did not serve to achieve the public interest objectives invoked in a consistent and systematic manner. This process culminated in the adoption of an amended national framework law on gambling which entered into force on 1 January 2012. The revised Finnish Lotteries Act and related implementing measures establish a statutory gambling monopoly, tighten the rules on the operation of games and the promotion of gambling services and establish revised rules and means for supervision and enforcement of gambling offers and rules. They provide the necessary structure to ensure that the activity of the monopoly is limited to a policy of controlled expansion in the betting and gaming sector, aiming to channel the propensity to gamble into controlled activities, and does not incite and encourage consumers to participate in games of chance – in terms of the supply and marketing of gambling services. Further, the Finnish Government provided substantive information and evidence on the implementation and application of the amended rules and a first evaluation of their impact. Therefore, the Commission concluded that the revised law constitutes a consistent and systematic pursuit of the objective sought by the establishment of a gambling monopoly in a Member State and corresponds to the requirements set by the Court for this establishment. Source: Commission Press Release 20/11/2013