Anxious to secure the tenders for two 350 MW plots for wind power generation at sea this year, the Dutch Energy Minister requested an expedited treatment of the Dutch bill on wind power generation at sea. His intention is to put this bill on the statute books by July 1, or a little under a month to go. The bill is necessary to be able to hold the two tenders that are planned in December. These tenders will launch the five-year programme to construct 3450 MW of additional wind power generation capacity at sea and meet the ambitious renewable targets of the Dutch National Energy Accord.

The Senate discussion of the bill was scheduled for June 30, just one day prior to its planned effective date. Everyone knew this was cutting it close, but a new Dutch act on holding a consultative legislative referendum now jeopardizes the Minister's ambitious plans. Moreover, this act is due to enter into force on July 1 and requires the eight-week period between the Royal confirmation of any Dutch Act and its effective date. In combination with existing administrative procedures, this would not make it possible to hold the first tenders in December. The Minister has thus requested the chairman of the Dutch Senate to accelerate the discussion of the bill on wind power generation at sea, from June 30 to June 16. If the request is granted, another major step will have been made towards meeting Dutch renewable ambitions.