A new Colombian immigration instrument now allows citizens from certain Mercosur countries to obtain resident visas for Colombia. The instrument- Resolution 7183- issued by the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in December 2012 was conditioned to a reciprocity application. This means its provisions would come only into effect when Mercosur countries granted resident visa for Colombian citizens as well.

So far it is confirmed Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru have been issuing resident visas for Colombia and so, under the principle of reciprocity, Colombia will enable Argentinian and Brazilian citizens to obtain a resident visa.

When other Mercosur countries allow this for Colombian nationals, the Colombian government will allow them likewise to obtain this visa. It is so stated in the quoted instrument.

The main features of this visa are:

  • Allows the foreigner residence in Colombia
  • Granted for up to two years
  • Foreigner is allowed to work as an employee or as independent and student activities
  • May be obtained at a Colombian consulate or in-country application
  • Government fee of 350 USD

The instrument requires the foreigner some additional documents to be eligible for this visa:

  • Criminal/police records dully apostilled or legalized and translated from the country where the foreigner has lived for the last three years
  • Migratory records certificate issued by the Colombian immigration office “UAE Migracion Colombia.” This certificate must have a validity of less than three months
  • Government Form “Compromise to inform occupation/activity changes” signed and notarized.

In the case of underage applicants as dependents the following are required:

  • Birth certificate dully apostilled or legalized and translated.
  • Authorization from both parents. In case custody is held by only one of the parents the document so demonstrating this must be presented dully legalized or apostilled and translated.

The legal provisions related to those professions, which its exercise is considered to be regulated, are still in effect. Therefore foreign nationals that will be employed or work in those activities regulated in Colombia must comply with current rules. For instance Brazilian and Argentinian engineers must obtain temporary permits, engineers licence and/or initiate validation of their university degree.

Passports, Visas, Legalization and Apostille Services to be suspended for 1 week

Due to a national holiday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced its offices are to be closed during the week of March 25th to March 29th inclusive.  Services will be normalized on April 1st. This means no Colombian passports, visas, legalization or apostille services will be provided during those dates and the Ministry will remain closed.

Offices, government entities and business in general (including Brigard & Urrutia) will be closed on March 25th, 28th and 29th in observance of a national holiday.

Colombia and Turkey Agree on Mutual Exemption of Visas

During an official visit of the President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos to Turkey at the end of last year, the heads of both States agreed to implement a mutual exemption of visas for Colombian and Turkish Nationals.

Colombian citizens who have a valid passport are exempt from visa for temporary entry, exit, transit and stay in Turkey for a period not exceeding 90 days and not more than a total of 180 cumulative days in the same year. Under this exemption only activities that do not generate remuneration such as tourism are.