Given the Use Classes Order (UCO), a change from an A1 non food retail shop to A1 food retail would not require planning permission. A local news report alerted me to the approval, yesterday, by South Cambs DC full Council (agenda link here) of a proposal to lobby for a change in legislation to avoid the application of the UCO in situations which seems to arise on a regular basis.

SCDC became aware of concerns of local residents when Tesco acquired the site of a former small department store in the village of Great Shelford near Cambridge. SCDC proposes that there should be a new planning designation of "dynamic retail centre" being a centre which already has a good range of retail facilities, featuring locally sourced produce which serve the local community in a way which provides a high level of friendly non internet based service. In such centres, proposals to introduce a duplication of facility e.g. a second small supermarket, would require permission.

Have readers come across other innovative examples of localism?