Three bid submissions were received by Infrastructure Ontario in response to a request for proposals (the RFP) to build a two-unit nuclear power plant at Ontario Power Generation's Darlington site. The RFP follows a 'design-build' approach to procure two 1,100 MW or 1,600 MW units, with an option to build two more.

The next step in the RFP process involves a compliance review and evaluation of the proposals tabled by each of Areva NP, Atomic Energy Canada Limited and Westinghouse Electric Company. Roughly 80 percent of the evaluation will be based upon capital and operating costs, the technological readiness of the design, and risk-management plans to ensure the project is constructed on schedule. The remaining 20 percent will depend upon the bidder's proposed contribution to Ontario's GDP under the RFP as well as future nuclear projects inside and outside of Ontario. Following negotiations to finalize the details of the resulting contract, it is expected that the preferred vendor will be named in June.

Directed by Infrastructure Ontario, the team managing the procurement process also consists of representatives from Ontario Power Generation, Bruce Power, the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure and the Ministry of Finance, along with a "fairness monitor" to scrutinize the process.

The RFP is a component of the province's 20-year energy plan, first announced in 2006. The plan calls for the maintenance of a nuclear energy capacity at its current level of 14,000 MW in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and also to ensure a "reliable and environmentally responsible electricity supply".