Griffith Hack partner Ambercite is now most of the way through a major process to upgrade and update its patent database.

But how many patents are there? New data suggests that there are over 82 million unique patent publications (patent applications are combined with granted patents to create a ‘unique patent publication’). Perhaps surprisingly, Japan is the leading source of these publications with over 21 million publications, ahead of the US (12 million) and Germany (7.2 million).

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Amberscope, a patent searching tool developed by Ambercite, uses patent citations to help identify similar and important patents in a field of interest. Like any data based process, more data can lead to more robust results. For this reason, readers may be interested in that there are over 112 million known patent citations. Every backward citation for one patent is a forward citation for another patent, but if we look at forward citations only, we see that the vast majority of forward citations are to patents in the United States. The vast majority (86%) of these forward citation links to US patents also come from patents in the US. Japan and Germany provide the next most cited patents – but with a lower percentage of these citations being to patents filed within these countries.

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Interested in learning more? Further information on patent citations is found here – and keep your eye out for further news on this AmberScope data upgrade.