NEC has issued a press release about its "new" NEC for FM suite of contracts.

I say "new" in inverted commas because, although the collation of the documents is new, many of the documents are not new in themselves. NEC for FM contains:

  • BIFM Good Practice Guide on Procurement
  • How to Use NEC3 Contracts in Facilities Management
  • Term Service Contract
  • Term Service Short Contract
  • Term Service Contract Guidance Notes
  • Term Service Contract Flow Charts
  • Term Service Short Contract Guidance Notes and Flow Charts
  • How to Write the TSC Service Information
  • How to use the TSC Communication Forms

Of these, only the first two do not appear in the April 2013 NEC3 suite of contracts.  So, for some NEC users, this document will no doubt be invaluable but the rest may want to save their pennies for next time!