Digital video recorder (DVR) pioneer TiVo scored another key victory in its quest to protect its patents as Verizon Communications agreed to pay $250.4 million to settle claims that Verizon had infringed upon TiVo’s DVR “time warp” technology. Announced on Monday, the settlement terminates a patent lawsuit brought by TiVo against Verizon, as well as patent counterclaims filed by Verizon against TiVo for alleged violations of set-top box patents held by Verizon. A jury trial on the dispute had been scheduled to commence on October 1 before the U.S. District Court in Marshall, Texas. Monday’s settlement follows on similar accords that were struck earlier this year between TiVo and AT&T and, most notably, between TiVo and DISH Network/EchoStar in 2011 after a protracted legal battle of seven years. (Patent claims brought by TiVo against two other high-profile defendants—Time Warner Cable and Google’s Motorola Mobility unit— remain pending.) Under the agreement, Verizon will submit an initial cash payment of $100 million to TiVo, with the remaining $150.4 million to be divided in recurring quarterly payments through July 2018. Verizon has also pledged to pursue “certain commercial initiatives” with TiVo that may include carriage of the video streaming service that Verizon is developing with Coinstar’s Redbox unit on TiVo DVRs. TiVo will also collect monthly license fees for each Verizon DVR subscriber beyond a certain number.