Tribunal backs FCA on extension application: The Tribunal has refused Mohammed Miah's application for an extension of time for making a reference in respect of a decision of the then Financial Services Authority (FSA) from 2008. Following an investigation into activities of Mr Miah's then employer and another investment adviser at the firm, FSA fined the firm and banned the other adviser. Mr Miah signed a settlement agreement with FSA which, among other things, imposed a fine and a ban on him, and FSA published the final notice in February 2008. In 2010, Mr Miah's advisers sought clarification on the terms of the ban, and FSA responded that it covered all functions in relation to any regulated activity. In 2012, Mr Miah was convicted of several offences and imprisoned. He was released in late 2014. He had still not paid FSA's fine so FCA started bankruptcy proceedings, which led to Mr Miah applying to the Tribunal for making a reference out of time. He alleged FSA had not applied its powers fairly between him, the firm and the other individual. He made several other allegations with the aim of undermining the settlement agreement. The Tribunal found none of them undermined the terms of the agreement or gave any reason to allow the extension in time. (Source: Tribunal Backs FCA on Extension Application)