Source: Taiwan Intellectual Property Office

The Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) announced that the Patent Invalidation Hearing Plan became effective on March 31 of this year. The key features of this plan are listed below: 

  1. A party to a patent invalidation case may recommend that an invalidation hearing take place; TIPO may also hold an invalidation hearing in the event that it deems the holding of such a hearing necessary.
  2. So as to ensure the comprehensiveness and thoroughness of patent invalidation hearings, patent invalidation hearings shall be presided over by three reviewers who shall render their decisions as a part of a collegial panel.
  3. A party to a patent invalidation case may, in the determination of the core of the dispute in question, make an oral argument and express his opinions fully so as to clarify the facts and arrive at the truth.
  4. Patent invalidation hearings shall be conducted in accordance with the principle of openness. Interested parties of the disputed patent are permitted to submit an application to be present at the hearings; and, so as to increase the scope of participation, the general public may submit an online application to be present at the hearings.

It is hoped that the review panels, open reviews, increased possible participation and other benefits stipulated under the Patent Invalidation Hearing Plan will serve to increase the accuracy of patent invalidation reviews as well as public trust.