CVS/pharmacy has reportedly agreed to pay four California counties and the California Department of Agriculture $225,000 for allegedly misrepresenting product sizes “by use of oversized and non-functional slack-fill and/or false sidewalls and/or false bottoms.” The company allegedly violated the California Business and Professions Code as well as health and safety provisions. Among the list of 11 affected products are Accelerated Wrinkle Repair Moisturizer, Age Refine Eye Cream, Moisturizing Face Cream Hair Remover, and Frizz-Defy Hair Serum. CVS can continue to manufacture the products until January 1, 2015, and may continue selling the products for two years.

In a statement to Fresno’s AB C30, a CVS representative said, “CVS/pharmacy is committed to ensuring that its product packaging is sufficient in size to accommodate pertinent information about the product. CVS Brand products, including packaging, are generally designed to be similar to the national brand equivalents. While manufacturers generally choose the container size, CVS/pharmacy has agreed to redesign the packaging of certain CVS Brand items.” See ABC30, October 3, 2014.