Commission fines members of air freight cartel €799 million

The Commission has announced that 11 air cargo carriers are to be fined a total of €799 million for their involvement in a price fixing cartel which affected air cargo services within the EEA. Amongst those fined include many major airlines including Air France, KLM, SAS, Singapore Airline, British Airways, Cathay Pacific and Air Canada. The Commission found that an illegal cartel had been in existence within the EEA between 1999 and 2006, which had resulted in cooperation and contact amongst the cartel members in relation to fuel surcharges payable by each respective air cargo carrier.

All of the carriers fined received a reduction in their fine to take account of the fact that on certain routes part of the harm of the cartel fell outside the EEA and each carrier also received a 15% reduction in their fine to take into account the regulatory environment within the sector, which was seen as encouraging price coordination to some degree. One airline (SAS) received a 50% uplift on its fine due to recidivism.

IP/10/1487 - 9 November 2010