On the 2016 website for then-Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, he announced that he was "committed to immigration reform that…curbs the unprecedented flow of immigration that is sapping the wages and job prospects of those living and working here today [and] an immigration policy that prioritizes the jobs, wages, and security of the American people." On February 9, 2017, Senator Sessions became the Attorney General of the United States, charged with enforcement of federal criminal laws, including those laws that make the knowing hiring or harboring of undocumented workers a crime.

If you are an employer in an industry with a historically higher risk of undocumented or unauthorized workers being in your workforce—construction, hospitality, commercial cleaning, agriprocessing and farming—or you are in the hi-tech outsourcing industry routinely bringing in non-U.S. employees into the United States, your risk of being a target of a criminal enforcement action would appear to have increased exponentially. It is important, therefore, to understand that risk.