The absence of a strategic document on the development of Russia in the field of intellectual property leads to an increase in economic costs, as well as complicates the entry of companies into foreign markets, said in an interview with TASS, the head of Rospatent, Grigory Ivliev.

According to the official, the lack of a defining document in the field of intellectual property indicates the undeveloped sector of legal protection, which does not stimulate people engaged in production to transfer their own intellectual capital to the capital of their whole enterprise.

“This significantly increases the risks for conducting an already risky technological business, especially when exporting,” Ivliev said.

A unified strategy on intellectual property will also contribute to the revival of the practice of patent research in Russia, will increase efficiency in planning R & D and will create the basis for the appearance of standards needed to create new markets.

Grigory Ivliev is sure that unified document will allow to pursue a centralized policy in the field of intellectual property protection at all levels of government and will help to increase cooperation between the business community and university students.