As per the European Commission Implementing Decision numbered EU 2018/1622 (“Decision”) published within the Official Journal of the European Union numbered L271 and dated October 30, 2018, the active substances listed in the Annex of the Decision are not approved for the indicated product types. The Decision has entered into force as of November 19, 2018.

By virtue of the aforementioned Decision, the Approval numbered 19020089-105.99-E.21 and dated March 14, 2019 (“Approval”) has been issued by the Ministry of Health in Turkey to determine a transition period for the biocidal products containing non-approved active substances. Pursuant to the Approval, the products which are in the product types stated as in the annexed list and contain the substances present in the annexed list, and which has Marketing Authorization (MA) in Turkey, may be kept in the market without ceasing the production or importation until the date of 18/05/2020. If the products are already in the possession of the users, the users may continue to use such products until 14/11/2020. Accordingly, the MA holders must return the MA of the respective products to the Ministry of Health until 18/05/2020 and terminate the production and importation of the respective products as of the said date. Furthermore, the records within the Biocidal Product Iventory must be deleted as of the date 18/05/2020 as well.

In addition, the MoH has announced that the biocidal products subject to the Approval and recorded on the Biocidal Product Inventory, cannot be marketed as of 01/01/2020 as per the Provisional Article 3 under the Regulation on Biocidal Products and the Approval.

The non-approved active substance/product-type combinations are listed hereinbelow;