Serbian administration is introducing new digital services in the effort to speed up doing business in Serbia.

Serbian Cadaster is introducing a brand new service – branded as a digital window. This service will enable completely digital transactions with the Cadaster, together with using digitally signed documents which has been a source of problems to the Serbian administration in general. From July 1 this service will be enabled for users of cadaster services in the 17 city municipalities of Belgrade. At first, only the cadaster of underground infrastructure will be available. The plan is to gradually introduce other cadasters to this service – the complete cadaster of infrastructure being next. The land cadaster should be the final step in this procedure – together with all the local branch offices of the Cadaster around Serbia.

The Serbian Tax Authority announced that digital filling of tax applications will be made mandatory by the end of 2017. The STA also plans to reduce the number of its branch offices. The number of branch offices in Belgrade will be reduced from 17 to just 6. They hope this will lead to harmonization of their practice, especially of the tax inspectors, thus leading to more predictability for tax payers. However, this procedure will not be complete until the local governments’ tax authorities are not fully incorporated in this system – both in regards to their hardware capabilities, and mutual software compatibility but also with regard to their practices and harmonization of procedures.