China has taken steps to better protect intellectual property rights (IPR) as part of larger effort to create a more innovative economy.

In 2016, Chinese police solved 17,000 cases involving IPR infringement worth 4.6 billion yuan ($670 million).

Customs authorities seized more than 17,000 shipments of goods suspected of IPR infringement, involving about 42 million individual units.

Chinese courts heard 136,500 IPR cases in 2016, a 24.8 percent increase. A total of 3,797 people were arrested and 7,059 were prosecuted.

Industry and commerce regulators solved nearly 50,000 IPR cases worth about 560 million yuan, and transferred 293 cases worth 160 million yuan to courts.

The copyright watchdog has instigated 5,578 cases involving Internet IPR infringement and shut down 3,079 websites, with total fines of 20.5 million yuan, since 2005.