Identity Malta Agency has recently launched the Key Employee Initiative (KEI) offering a fast-tracked procedure for highly specialised non-EU nationals who intend to work in Malta. The KEI enables interested applicants to submit their application from abroad or while in Malta.

The KEI affords successful applicants a joint residence and work permit within five (5) working days from the date of submission of the application.

Eligible Criteria

The initiative targets individuals who hold a managerial or highly-technical post having corresponding qualifications or relevant work experience. Individuals of start-up projects, endorsed by Malta Enterprise, may likewise apply under this Scheme.

The following specific requirements must be satisfied by any eligible applicant:

1. An annual gross salary amounting to at least €30,000 per year;

2. Possess relevant qualifications, warrants, or necessary work experience and provide certified copies thereof;

3. A declaration by the employer stating that the applicant has the necessary credentials to perform the duties being assigned; and

4. A purchase or lease agreement of a property situated in Malta.

Malta Residence

Upon approval, successful applicants will be granted a residence permit valid for one (1) year, which may be subsequently renewed for a maximum period of three (3) years, subject to the following support criteria continue to be satisfied, namely:

  • a valid definite or indefinite contract; and
  • the original annual tax declaration form stamped by the Inland Revenue Department.