A car parts manufacturer, Eaton, and a water treatment contractor, Aegis, were ordered to pay £245k in fines after a fatal Legionnaires’ disease outbreak at Eaton’s factory in the West Midlands. The factory had a water cooling system for injection moulding processes. Aegis were contracted to monitor and maintain the system. However, Aegis had failed to ensure that suitable control mechanisms were in place at the plant to ensure that the appropriate amount of biocide was added to kill bacteria, and Eaton had failed to replace the person responsible for maintaining the system after the previous nominated person left. The investigation was prompted following a report from the Health Protection Agency after an employee (who later died) was hospitalised with Legionnaires’ disease. However, there was insufficient evidence to establish a link between the death and Eaton’s failings. Eaton was fined £80,000 with £45,000 costs after admitting breaches of sections 2(1) and 3(1) HSWA. Aegis were found guilty of breaching section 3(1) HSWA and ordered to pay £40,000 with £80,000 costs. Whilst the directors had tried to wind up the company, the HSE had prevented the company from being struck off and argued that it was in the public interest to prosecute the company.