Senator Bill Seitz (R-Cincinnati) said that a bill proposing to “authorize charges on utility ratepayers around the state to subsidize construction of a steel mill in Scioto County could be rewritten and passed during lame duck session,” according to a recent Gongwer & Hannah report. In a speech to the Retail Energy Supply Association’s 2014 Energy Symposium, Seitz said the proposal would be changed considerably, as New Steel International “has agreed to downsize its proposed steel mill to a pig iron plant and a 300-megawatt cogeneration facility,” the article reports. New Steel had previously asked lawmakers to approve a rider for financing the project, which would bring 2,000 jobs to Scioto County. Seitz is working on a revision with Rep. Terry Johnson (R-McDermott), Rep. Ryan Smith (R-Gallipolis), Rep. Lou Terhar (R-Cincinnati) and Sen. Joseph Uecker (R-Loveland) to limit the rider to $50 million. Construction of the plant plus a combined heat and power facility “is dependent on New Steel signing a [power purchase agreement] with a utility in order to get financing,” Seitz said.