The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has published a discussion paper on the balance between risk-sensitivity, simplicity and comparability within the Basel Capital Standards. In response to the financial crisis, the Basel Committee introduced a range of reforms which were designed to enhance the resilience of the banking system against shocks. In 2012, the Committee undertook a review of the Basel Framework. This was conducted by the Task Force on Simplicity and Comparability. The objective of this Task Force was to identify opportunities to remove undue complexity within the framework and improve the comparability of its outcomes. This consultation paper discusses the reasons behind the evolution of the current framework, and outlines potential benefits and costs that arise from the more risk-sensitive methodology. The paper also discusses ideas that could possibly be explored to further reform the framework with the objective that it continues to strike an appropriate balance between the complimentary goals of risk sensitivity, simplicity and comparability. The paper is being circulated to get feedback from interested stakeholders that will help inform the Committee's thinking in this area. The Committee however is still firmly of the view that the consistent implementation of Basel III is key to building a resilient financial system and building confidence generally. The consultation runs to Friday 11 October 2013.