There are a range of proposals in the manifestos relating to pay transparency and gender equality. For example, the Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems have all made promises to address the gender pay gap and require large companies to publish details around the pay gap and the difference between average pay of male and female employees. Labour have also pledged to improve the link between executive pay and performance, promising employee representation on remuneration committees and requiring companies to publish the pay of the 10 highest paid earners outside of the boardroom, as well as the ratio of the top earner’s total pay compared to the average employee’s pay.

The parties will also aim to promote working families and full gender equality, with Labour strengthening the law on maternity discrimination, increasing free childcare hours and doubling paid paternity leave. The Conservatives have promised to increase women on boards, as well as pledging to increase the entitlement to free childcare for working parents. The Lib Dems aim is to have a million more women in work by 2020 with a move towards at least 30% of board members being women; to ensure that paternity and shared parental leave become “day one” rights; to introduce tax-free childcare; and to encourage employers to provide more f lexible working. The Lib Dems have  also addressed race equality in the workplace in their manifesto, promising to monitor and tackle the BAME pay gap and encourage businesses to ensure that at least one place on their board is filled by a BAME candidate.

On disability, all three parties have pledged to improve the numbers of disabled people in the workplace – the Lib Dems pledge to encourage employers to shortlist qualified disabled candidates and also help young people obtain work placements that are tailored for those with disabilities or mental health problems; the Conservatives aim to halve the disability employment gap; and Labour will introduce a support programme to ensure that disabled people who can work get tailored help.