On January 1, 2014, TIPO added Green Tech related inventions as a condition qualified for Accelerated Examination Program (AEP).  As of March, 2013, there are totally 7,264 cases of the patent applications relating to green technology, where Taiwanese applicants account for 58%, followed by 20% Japanese and 9% the U.S. applicants.  In terms of the business category, LED lighting, solar energy and fuel cell are at the top 3 in this field.  Any invention patent application meeting any of the following requirements can be deemed as relating to green technology and can be applied for the AEP: (1) The technical field of the invention involves energy conservation, new energy, or new energy vehicles, etc.;(2) The invention involves carbon reduction or resource-saving technology.  Compared with the first Office Action (OA) pendency of 29 months for general applications, a faster OA will be issued by TIPO within 9 months for those applications which are applied for AEP based on the newly added condition as long as all necessary documents are submitted.