You will need to have a compliant pool barrier at all times.

Until 30 November 2015, the standard applicable to your pool barrier is the standard that applied when your pool was built. However from 1 December 2015, you will need to ensure your pool complied with the current safety standard of which the key features are as follows:

  • you must have your pool fenced with the minimum height of such fence being 1200 mm measured from ground level;
  • the distance between the bottom of the pool barrier and the ground must be at least 100 mm;
  • where the boundary fence of your property forms part of the pool barrier, it must be at least 1200 mm high and have a complying non-climbable zone, and such non-climbable zone must be at least 900 mm around the entire pool barrier;
  • gates must be self-closing and self-latching when released and must not open towards your pool area, and the latch release must be located at least 1500 mm above the ground;
  • self-closing and self-latching child resistant doors which provide direct access from a building to a pool area are prohibited from being used as a pool barrier. Any exemptions granted by local governments in this regard will expire on 30 November 2015;
  • a cardiopulmonary resuscitation sign must be clearly and conspicuously displayed near your pool;
  • you must register your pool with QBCC. There is no charge to register the pool however failure to do so may incur a penalty up to $2,356. Please visit QBCC for more information regarding pool registration.

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