Four environmental groups have sued the California Department of Conservation (DOC) in an attempt to force the agency to conduct environmental impact analyses (EIAs) on oil and gas fields before hydraulic fracturing occurs. Ctr. for Biological Diversity v. Cal. DOC, No. N/A (Cal. Sup. Ct. Alameda Cnty. filed 10/16/12). The complaint alleges that a DOC division has violated the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) by issuing permits for oil and gas drilling without analyzing the risks posed by hydraulic fracturing. It seeks a declaration that the agency is in violation of the CEQA and an injunction barring additional approvals of new oil and gas wells until DOC complies with “its legal requirements to evaluate and mitigate the significant environmental and public health impacts caused by hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas wells.” Plaintiffs want DOC to conduct programmatic EIAs for each field or specific area and require appropriate risk-mitigation measures.