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The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors initiated the process for a New Comprehensive Plan on March 1 and directed staff to present a Plan Charter to the Transportation and Land Use Committee for its consideration and recommendation for endorsement by the full Board of Supervisors.  This will be the first major re-write in 16 years.

The focus of the new Comp Plan will be on eastern Loudoun.  During discussion most of the Supervisors stated their intention to leave the Rural Policy Area and most of the Transition Policy Area (TPA) alone.  Supervisor Buffington (Blue Ridge) stated that he is only willing to discuss changes to the TPA to reflect what has already happened on the ground and not to increase development.  Changes were discussed to revitalize Sterling and parts of Leesburg, grow the Tech Corridor and review outdated Keynote Employment areas.

The planning process is projected to take 18 – 24 months and will include a stakeholder group.  Other details will be included in the Charter document that will be presented by staff to the Board Transportation and Land Use Committee on March 11.