The Ministry of Communications and Transports ("SCT") announced on 8 July 2015, 21 packages of tender processes (the "Tender Packages") to carry out construction of Mexico City's New International Airport ("NAICM"). The construction cost of the works comprising the Tender Packages is estimated at above MXN95,000 million or approximately USD6 billion. However, the total construction cost of the NAICM is estimated at MXN169,000 million or approximately USD10.7 billion. The SCT will commence launching the processes comprising the Tender Packages in September 2015. The tender processes are expected to be open to international contractors, allowing the participation, whether individually or in consortia, of Mexican nationals and foreigners regardless of their nationality.

Construction of the NAICM will take place through the Tender Packages and in different phases, with the purpose of expediting the award of the contracts, saving costs, keeping order and sequence, and attracting the most experienced contractors. In addition, adequate and timely promotion campaigns for the processes will be launched, members from the civil society will participate as witnesses, electronic means will be used to register all information, and notary publics will attest the receipt of proposals.

Regarding project funding, the Mexican government expects to have in place by September 2015 lines of credit for approximately USD3 billion to fund construction works; financial institutions such as HSBC, Citbank and JPMorgan are working with the Mexican government in these matters.

The Tender Packages are comprised of three different kinds of works and stages: (i) Stage One or preliminary works, which start in the second half of 2015; (ii) Stage Two or main infrastructure works, which start in the first half of 2016; and (iii) Stage Three or start up / commission works, which start in the second half of 2016 and end in the first half of 2017. The specific works to be conducted during each stage are as follows:

Stage One (Preliminary Works)

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Stage Two (Main Infrastructure Works)

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Stage Three (Start up / Commission)

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Insisting on transparency regarding construction of NAICM, the SCT entered into an agreement with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development ("OECD"), which will act as advisor, to enhance the procurement processes and to bring in best international practices. Additionally, the SCT has created a website to publish all relevant information regarding NAICM and such site is publicly accessible.[1]