On 28 January 2009, the Competition Commission (CC) published its final report on the payment protection insurance (PPI) market. PPI covers repayments on credit products where the borrower is unable to make repayment following an accident, sickness, unemployment or death. The CC concluded that businesses which offer PPI in parallel with providing loans faced limited competition. This is due to the 'point-of-sale' advantage from which the credit providers benefit. In addition, the CC found that consumers faced difficulties comparing policy prices and obstacles to switching policies. To address these concerns, the CC intends to introduce a package of remedies, including: (i) a ban on the sale of PPI during the credit point of sale and for seven days afterwards; (ii) a ban on single premium policies; (iii) the introduction of personal PPI quotes; and (iv) measures to improve the information available to consumers to facilitate product comparisons and to reduce the obstacles to switching policy. The CC expects these measures to come into force during 2010.