Latest news on the ANP 13th Bid Round


The Brazilian Council for Energy Policies (the CNPE) approved yesterday (December 9) the ANP 13th Bid Round for oil and gas exploratory areas to be held during the first half of 2015, subject to final presidential approval. 

The areas to be offered are still under a final evaluation, but the Minister of Mines and Energy, Mr. Edison Lobão, stated that the areas to be offered will include plays in mature and new frontier basins, as well as marginal fields for small and medium companies. Market expectations are that the plays will include exploratory offshore areas in the "east margin". The ANP 13th Bid Round will not include pre-salt areas. 

Overall, 2015 is expected to be a year full of action for the energy industry, as other auctions will also take place: (i) the first bidding round for concession of a transportation gas pipeline, between Itaboraí and Guapimirim; (ii) 5 auctions for power generation, including a round for alternative sources; and (iii) auctions for the concession of 12,963 km of transmission lines. nes.