New Jersey has amended its Wage Payment Law (WPL) to require employers with at least 10 employees to furnish employees with additional information each pay period to assist in determining whether their wages are being properly calculated. The new law will take effect on May 20, 2020.

Currently, the WPL requires every employer to furnish each employee a statement of deductions from wage for each pay period the deductions are made. The amendment provides that, in addition to the statement of deductions, employers with at least 10 employees must provide the following information:

  • The employee’s gross wages;
  • The employee’s net wages;
  • The employee’s rate of pay; and
  • If relevant to the wage calculation, the number of hours worked by the employee during the pay period.

Employers already must maintain all this information under the New Jersey Wage and Hour law. However, some employers may not be including all of the above information in the employee’s pay statement.

Employers must ensure that this information, along with the statement of deductions, is provided to employees each pay period. The law allows employers to provide the statement to employees electronically, unless the employee requests the statement be provided in paper format.