On May 17, the Federal Reserve Board released an April 29, 2013 written agreement between the Federal Reserve Board, an Illinois state regulator, a foreign bank, and its U.S. bank holding company subsidiary (the Holding Company) regarding certain Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering (BSA/AML) deficiencies at the foreign bank’s Chicago branch (the Branch) and an OCC regulated subsidiary of the Holding Company. The OCC took parallel action on the same date against the Holding Company’s Chicago bank subsidiary. The Federal Reserve Board agreement requires that the Holding Company conduct a comprehensive review of its BSA/AML compliance program within 60 days, and within 90 days submit a report of its findings and recommendations, a written enhanced program, and a written plan to strengthen board oversight.  Also within 90 days, the Branch must submit a written plan to improve its BSA/AML compliance, and the foreign bank, the Holding Company, and the Branch must submit an enhanced customer due diligence program. The OCC agreement requires that the Chicago bank’s board establish a compliance committee and within 90 days submit a compliance action plan. Within 30 days, the bank’s board must review its current engagement with an independent consultant, and within 90 days (i) develop a staffing plan for its internal BSA compliance department, (ii) conduct an MIS assessment, (iii) develop customer due diligence controls, and (iv) develop written suspicious activity policies and procedures. Both agreements require quarterly reporting, and neither includes a monetary penalty.