Call for global action on diabetes: The World Health Organisation, World Health day highlighted levels of diabetes with obesity and lack of exercise as underlying causes. View >EU Dg Health >

New risk assessment for gambling premises: The new requirement for gambling premises to take steps to assess and mitigate risk involving children and other vulnerable persons in the area surrounding their premises has been highlighted by the Gambling Commission. View > 

Rules for lotteries revised: The Gambling Commission has published guidance on the requirements for the various forms of lottery. View >

FCA fees and charges to fall: The Financial Conduct Authority has published its annual plan for 2016/17 and also a consultation on proposed fee rates (a 1.6% reduction). 
Plan 2016/17 > View >

Revised Primary Authority handbook published: The BIS Regulatory Delivery Directorate has published detailed guidance on operation Primary Authority. View >

Use of online reviews and endorsements: The Competition and Markets Authority has published an open letter to marketing professionals providing guidance on the need to declare if comment has been commissioned.  View >

Mutual recognition of organic regulation standards: EU Dg Agriculture has signed a treaty on mutual recognition of organic standards with Chile and also extended an agreement with Canada to cover organic wine. View > View >

EU technical regulation:

  • Authorises the import of fresh meat from Singapore. 2016/535 >
  • Approves diammonium phosphate as a plant protection product. 2016/548 > 
  • Sets maximum residue levels for 14 pesticides. 2016/486 >  
  • Extends approval periods for a range of plant protection products. 2016/549 >  

Risk management of contaminated land: DEFRA has published detailed guidance on the risk assessment and management of contaminated land. View >

EU Blue Guide 2016 published: EU DG Grow has published a detailed guide to the implementation of EU rules surrounding non-food products. View >