On 28 October 2010, the Commission commenced infringement proceedings challenging an award without competitive tender of a contract by the Greek government to develop the ‘KEP’ information system for a citizens’ service network. In 2007, the Greek authorities awarded a contract to a company for the development of the ‘ERMIS national portal’, an online portal communication with all Government bodies. Shortly after, the Greek authorities awarded a supplementary contract worth €1.5m to the same company for the development of the ‘KEP’ information system (where citizens can obtain information and official identification documents such as birth certificates). The Commission considers that the development of the ERMIS national portal is different from the provision of the information system and therefore required a separate transparent competitive tender procedure. In the Commission’s view, the direct award of the contract by negotiated tender was not in accordance with the procurement rules. The Greek authorities have been given two months to respond to the Commission’s reasoned opinion setting out its concerns.