There have been several Code Red Sirens in Tel Aviv over the last twelve days, as hostilities in the Gaza Strip continue.  Shelling in the southern part of the country is more frequent.  But in Tel Aviv, for those of us working in the office, when a siren sounds, we all get up and walk to the stairwell, working our way downstairs towards the shelter, greeting co workers, waiting a few minutes and then we go back upstairs.

As I get back to my desk, with our office across from the Tel Aviv District Court, I hear a policewoman announce on a bull horn “Back to normal, back to normal”, signaling to everyone on the street that they can go about their business.  And that is what we do.  Back to the conference call, back to drafting the pleading or contract.  Back to the courtroom.

Now for people living in other financial centers around the globe, this may seem odd. It would seem disruptive beyond the few minutes it takes to have a stairwell break.  In Tel Aviv, it is the way we operate.  There are contract signings and closings every day, new investments, term sheets being negotiated.  Incessant emails from our clients overseas and in Israel.  We are open for business, going out to lunch, holding meetings and continuing an exciting legal practice.

Of course the conversation at the coffee machine tends to focus more on politics than IPO’s.  Of course every one of us hopes for a cease fire immediately, an end to all suffering, today even more than any other day, with a prayer for the whole region to really get back to normal and be free to develop the amazing potential that we all have.  And while we wait for that time, we are at our desks, giving advice, doing legal research, analyzing legal problems, drafting merger agreements, and waiting to hear from you.