By decree n°2013-706 of August 2, 2013, the Government prolonged until December 31, 2013 the existence of the French Fund designed to support digital services. The Fund's main task is to ensure the continued reception of TV services following the end of analog broadcasting. After the expiry of the Fund in May 2013, its existence has been extended until the end of 2013 by the decree No. 2013-706. The French Government seems to have ignored the reservations expressed by the French Audiovisual Council ("Conseil Supérieur de l'Audiovisuel" – CSA): while having issued an opinion endorsing the proposal, the CSA expressed reservations regarding the length of the extension of the duration of the Fund – deeming it too short. The decree extends the existence of the Fund until December 31, 2013 without specific reference to the CSA's proposals.